Frequently asked questions 

When will you have more items listed for sale ?

Every two weeks we will list bags for sale. unless otherwise specified. Please check our Instagram @lovepainandstitches to stay up to date with our listings.


What is the difference between your Pumpkin Kult Collection and your Love Pain and Stitches bags?

We offer two kids of bags, our handcrafted bags which we make that are labeled Love Pain and Stitches. 'Pumpkin Kult: The Collection' is our production line that we design but are not manufacturing ourselves.


Why did my handcrafted bag not come with a label/tag?

Not all Handcrafted bags come with a label/tag. Our labels are also made by a small company, so they are only available if we have them in stock.


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, we do offer items worldwide.


Can I return or exchange my bag? 

Pumpkin Kult: The Collection can be exchanged within 15 days of receiving for the same design if available. All items must be unused and in the same packaging you received them in. We do not offer returns.

Our Love pain and Stitches handcrafted line offers a no exchange policy. We do accept returns with a 15% restocking fee within 15 days of receiving your purchase. Items must be unused and in the same condition as received. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer. 


How much are they?

Our bags range from $50-$220 depending on designs.


Do you accept custom orders?

We are closed for any custom or special requests at the moment. 


Do you offer Wholesale?

We are not offering any wholesale items at this time.


Do you offer pre-orders? 

No, pre-orders are not offered at the moment for our hand-crafted bags.


When is my order shipping out / why hasn't my order shipped? 

Our shipping times are approximate. If you haven't received your purchase within 33 business days not including weekends or holidays, please reach out to us at Lovepainandstitches@yahoo.com. This is an estimated time, please message us with your order number and we will gladly update you with your order information. Please note that our office hours are Monday through Wednesday from 10am to 4pm.


Why is my tracking number showing my order is just sitting in pre-transit?

There are a few reasons why this might be happening. Sometimes the post office will take a day or two to update their scans, your order might be getting prepped for shipment or we are still waiting for pick-ups to happen so it can take an extra day. Please allow up to 3 days for your item to change from pre-shipment. If your tracking hasn't updated after three days, please email us at lovepainandstitches@yahoo.com.


 What do I do if my bag is lost or late arriving to me?

IF you suspect that your order has been lost or was never delivered, please contact your local USPS and inquire about your order. Most orders are insured so you can file a claim online or in person at your local post office. 

ATTN: due to Covid 19 please allow an extra week or so for your order to arrive as the post office has been having some delays. 

**Once orders are dropped off at the post office, we are no longer responsible for them, and you must contact the post office for information on your package. 


 Why didn't I get an email confirmation when I bought a bag?

If you don't include your email address you won't receive info about your order, including tracking or when it will be shipped out.


Why are there never any bags listed? 

We sell our handcrafted bags extremely quickly but we usually re-stock every two weeks. Follow our Instagram for future listing details.


 Are your bags vegan friendly?

Our handcrafted bags that we make are all made with automotive grade vinyl's.


Why hasn't anyone responded to my email or DM?

We get dozens of emails daily. Our office hours are Monday through Wednesday from 10am to 4pm. Please allow us up to 4 days to reply. We are not ignoring you and will get to your email as soon as possible. We ask that all questions or concerns be addressed through our email 'lovepainandstitches@yahoo.com' and include a subject line to better assist in helping you. We do not answer any questions regarding your order through Instagram/Facebook or DM. Please contain your questions about any orders in the same email so we can reference back. Please do not Dm our personal pages. 


Do you sell on Etsy?

No, we no longer use our Etsy site. We no longer respond to questions or messages through Etsy either. We ask that all questions or concerns be addressed through our email lovepainandstitches@yahoo.com.